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HOW IT WORKS IN SCHOOLS:  It’s easy – once your school signs up, your menu is posted online. Schools or parents can fund accounts and place orders, and then students receive fresh food right from the lunch line.

Ninety percent of parents believe schools should take action in helping kids eat healthier. At WT Café, we agree.  It’s essential for schools to take a leadership role in helping kids lead healthier, happier lives. That’s why our program is about more than just lunch – it’s about fostering a culture of health and wellness throughout the day and throughout a lifetime.

A recent company-wide survey reported that 96% of WT Café partner schools said they would refer our company to a friend or colleague.  We believe a big reason for these high marks is because we treat our schools as partners. We provide your school with the tools and resources needed to create a comprehensive, self-funding food program. With WT Café, there is no need to plan menus, order food, or collect money from parents. We help manage the food operation for you, so you can focus on academic and extracurricular excellence.  Here’s how it works:

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o   If your school does not have a kitchen, we can set up a delivery program with the local WT Café in your community.  Delivery minimums may apply.

o   See the list of Schools and Locations this WT Café services in the dropdown below. If your school isn’t on the list, request a tasting here.


We have two flexible options for schools with onsite kitchens.

o   If your location operates its own food program, our fresh and locally-prepared foods can be ordered online and delivered daily. With this option, the local WT Café becomes your school’s food supplier and your school continues to self-manage its food operation, but with a renewed commitment to freshness and quality. Contact us to open a Wholesale Account.

o   If your school outsources its food program to a third party food management company, WT Café can replace your current vendor and elevate your program to the highest standards of excellence.  Contact us to submit a Request for Proposal.

Our four product lines form the foundation of a comprehensive food program that can increase your school’s marketability and enrollment:

1.    MEALS

WT Café offers delicious, freshly-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices that kids love, including abundant allergy-friendly options. With hundreds of menu items to choose from, kids won’t get bored of our menu. Even better, with our program, kids ready for a food adventure can expand their culinary horizons and eat a different entrée every week.

2.    SNACKS

WT Café offers schools a robust snack menu, perfect for morning or afternoon snack programs.  Say goodbye to packaged, processed snacks for your students – instead, we provide a variety of freshly baked muffins, house-made dips, fruit smoothies, and fresh fruit and veggie options.


WT Cafe’s fresh, delicious food is perfect for everything from staff meetings to football games. We prepare and deliver large, family-style feasts or individual boxed meals to go. We partner with you to provide a customized, themed menu and the most delicious, nourishing food to fit your school’s catering needs.


WT Café provides your school with a unique fundraising platform to meet your financial goals while also making a commitment to student health. With the Fresh Food Days™ program, parents order freshly-prepared foods online and pick up their orders on designated days when they pick up their child at school. Made from scratch dinners, soups, salads, sides, and snacks provide parents with a much-needed break and your school with much-needed funds.

To learn more about how you can sign up for the WT Café program, contact us and sign up for our email list.