Pricing – Orlando, FL

Exceptional Value: Our made-from-scratch food is convenient, nutritious and comes in dozens of delicious options – all for a competitive price.

At WT Café, our foods are delicious, healthy, and made fresh daily in a local kitchen in your community. We are focused on quality, taste, and nutrition.  Because fresh food requires more labor and pure, perishable ingredients, our meals may cost a little more than processed food. However, the additional price is quickly justified when you consider the health complications that arise when kids are raised on a diet of cheap, preserved food.

We have found that our meal prices are no different from the kids’ meal prices you’ll find in local restaurants. The WT Difference is that you know and can pronounce the ingredients in our menu, and can rest easy knowing that your kids will grow up happy and healthy from eating fresh, nutritious foods.

Depending on selected portion size, our meals generally cost between $3 and $8. That means for less money than a Frappuccino, you can order a healthy, delicious WT Café meal for your child. How would you rather spend your money?

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