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HOW WT CAFÉ HELPS YOU: Ordering meals from WT Café is a convenient way to ensure your kids are eating fresh food they love with nutrients they need, so you can focus on other life priorities (like helping with homework). Let our delicious food help you take one more thing off your plate.

Life changes when you become a parent. The world is turned on its head and you find yourself with single-minded focus on the health and well-being of your new child. You  obsess over child rearing techniques because you want to do everything possible to raise a healthy, happy child.

Fast forward years later, and life is hectic. You have a crowded family schedule to manage: football, dance, school plays, band, babysitters, sleepovers, and more. It becomes increasingly difficult to do all the things you want to do for your family. When it comes to nutrition, it is tempting to give in to what’s easy instead of what’s right.

At WT Café, we know feeding your children well is one of your top priorities, and if only you had the time, you would do it all the time. When you order from us, you can relax knowing your kids are eating pure, wholesome foods that are prepared fresh daily in a local kitchen in your own community.  We even prepare a large variety of allergy-friendly choices that picky eaters love, including healthier versions of kid classics. Plus, we support your child’s school through our Fresh Food Days™ fundraiser, which allows you to pick up freshly made dinners, soups, salads, sides and snacks from school when you pick up your kids.

As a parent today, you want a convenient way to juggle everything without sacrificing your kids’ nutrition.  With access to fresh foods from WT Café, you’re one step closer to raising a happier, healthier family, reducing your stress level, and spending more time with your children. Let WT Café give you one less thing to worry about.

Finally, a company that cares as much about the food your children eat as you do.

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