Kids – Orlando, FL

KIDS, WE KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! Eating nutritious food gives kids the energy they need to take on the day and beyond. Eating right feels good, and it’s what your body needs to grow and develop properly.

At WT Café, we’ve been perfecting our kids’ menu since we started in 2007. All that hard work has helped create the best kids’ menu on the planet, full of delicious, kid favorite foods made fresher and tastier than anywhere else.

We know that as a kid you can be a picky eater, wanting the same foods over and over again.  That’s completely normal and an instinct we are all born with – it’s a survival skill passed down from our ancestors, when eating certain foods while avoiding others helped us stay alive.  At WT Café, our goal is to transform picky eaters by providing a balanced menu kids love – full of good tasting, good for you food.  After all, it’s not nutrition unless you eat it, and with so many options, it’s easy for you to try new things.

Meals from WT Café will benefit your body in many ways, including:

o   Good Health – less sickness, less stress, less obesity

o   Feel Great – better sleep, better mood, better self-esteem

o   Energy Boost – more energy, more stamina, more power

o   Good Grades – more memory, more concentration, more learning

o   Great Looks – better hair, better skin, better nails

At WT Café, we focus on making kids happy.  Our menu changes with the seasons so you can celebrate holidays with special foods.  Our menu also includes a mix of kid favorites and adventurous choices, so you can always find food you want to eat.

Our Top 10 Kid Favorites are noted on the online menu with this special symbol Top10starburst copy making it easy to see what other kids are eating at WT Café.  Some of our most popular menu items are:

o   Mac N Cheese

o   Chicken Tenders

o   Caesar Salad

o   Chicken Noodle Soup

o   Fruit Smoothies

o   Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kids – Once your parents create an account, you can set up your Favorite Menu Items online so they know what you want to eat. Ask your parents to get started.  We designed our online ordering system to be kid-friendly:  you tag your favorite foods first so your parents know what you really like before they place the order.

Parents can feel good knowing that you will not only love your meal, but whatever you eat will be nutritious. Plus, getting involved in menu planning helps you make better food decisions.

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