How It Works – Orlando, FL


At WT Café, our vision is to make fresh, nutritious, and exciting foods available to every child, everywhere. When kids get the nutrition they need from a young age, they are more likely to develop into healthy adults, both physically and mentally. Our goal is to improve the quality of food served to kids so they can grow up to lead longer, more robust and happier lives.

We do this by establishing a scratch kitchen in every community we serve. There, we prepare fresh each day an incredible variety of nutrient-dense and delicious recipes that kids actually want to eat, and we deliver these foods to the places kids live, learn, and play. The WT Café program can be customized to work for any school, camp, museum, after-school program or other kid-centric location – small or large, pre-school to high school, public or private, or whether or not a kitchen exists on-site. We currently serve hundreds of locations and tens of thousands of customers nationwide.

Here’s how it works:



We are always looking to partner with new kid-centric locations across the country. If your school or location could benefit from healthier, better-tasting food options, please contact us and refer your location for our program.

Once your location signs up, we will customize a plan to fit its specific needs:

• Your Location DOES NOT Have A Kitchen – If your kid-centric location does not have a kitchen, we can set up a delivery program with the local WT Café in your community. Delivery minimums may apply. Contact us to schedule a tasting.

• If Your Location HAS a Kitchen – We have two flexible options for kid-centric locations with on-site kitchens.

– If your location self-operates its food program, our fresh and locally-prepared foods can be ordered online and delivered daily. With this option, WT Café becomes your location’s food supplier and your location continues to self-manage its food operation, but with a renewed commitment to freshness and quality. Contact us to open a Wholesale Account.

– If your location outsources its program to a third party food management company, WT Café can replace your current vendor and elevate your program to the highest standards of excellence. Contact us to submit a Request for Proposal.

If you’d like to take matters into your own hands, consider opening up your own WT Café as a local franchise owner. We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to bring fresh, delicious food to kids and families in your community. Start our franchise discovery process here.



We understand that in today’s on-the-go lifestyle, simplicity is key – parents want an easy, hassle-free way to make sure their kids are eating well throughout the day. That’s why we created a state of the art online ordering platform. Simply create an account, set up default profiles for each participating family member, and place orders from the convenience of your computer, phone or tablet. You can add, edit, or cancel orders anytime before the ordering cutoff – even same day!

If your location is already part of the WT Café program, click here to create an account and start placing orders.



We believe in cooking the old-fashioned way – fresh and from the heart. We eliminated artificial ingredients from our foods the day we started our company, and are proud to continue our tradition of full transparency. We prepare our foods daily in local kitchens using scratch cooking wherever possible. This commitment to fresh preparation ensures that every child eating WT Café food receives the tastiest, most nutritious meals, giving parents one less thing to worry about.



Your child enjoys a wholesome, balanced meal that he actually wants to eat. When kids eat nutrient-dense foods, they gain fuel for the whole day and learn the good eating habits that will help them grow into strong, healthy adults. When they’re eating food from WT Café, mealtime is an adventure with so many exciting, kid-friendly menu choices. They only get one childhood – together, let’s make every meal count.